Living a Purpose Filled Life……How to Find True Value in this World

I am sure you have heard the saying “Where your treasure is, is where you heart is”? It is actually scripture, not just a good ol’ saying of the wise. Jesus told us these words in Matthew 6:21. What it means is your heart moves towards what you cherish. I will be the first to admit, I have had many earthly treasures in my life that really brought no value to my existence. In high school, it was all about the clothes. From the latest trends to the colours of the season. Magazines stacked in my bedroom in a neat pile of who was wearing what and how they where assembling outfits. A closet so jammed packed, I couldn’t even move the hangers to see what was actually in there. I LOVED clothes!!! That carried on into my university years and every now and then pops up if I have a function to go to. Then came buying our first home and those style magazines turned into House & Home Magazines and Debbie Travis’s new paint colours. My husband must have painted our living room 3 times in 3 years because the colour trends where constantly changing. The constant overturn of pillows, throw blankets and curtains was a never ending reward cycle only a interior decorator would appriciate. Oh and then there was the garden!!! Oh my goodness I am so not a gardener….I tried, I really did. My mother even tried to help me love it but I just couldn’t do it. The chase to get the front yard looking good and weed free for a few months out of the year was a battle I quickly gave up on. The streets in my sub-division are lined with beautiful, simple landscaping….some are even dandelion free… is that possible!!! I still can’t figure out how they get rid of darn things. Every time I pull one up, the next day there is 10 more. I have actually watched them bend over as my husband mows overs them….it seems they wait for him to come back in the house……and BAM they pop back up in an army stance as if they where guarding their queen!!!! The need I felt to keep up with the neighbours lawns overtook my thinking for a few months. I felt defeated when too much sun burnt the grass and the tulips never bloomed that I planted 5 years ago. It was not my forte and I was finding absolutely no enjoyment in it at all.

I could go on and on about all the treasures I had in my life that I thought would bring my life value. I knew there was so much more to who I was as a person then wearing the latest trend and having my house look like a stage on the Marilyn Dennis Show. But would society see my worth or even give me the chance if I didn’t keep up on all these things???? Or did I make myself believe they wouldn’t??? Was not being heart centred really worth the “Status Quo” to me?

Trying to keep up with the never ending changes and demands the world bestows upon us is nothing but a relay race. The attempt to try and fix yourself and complete who you are in a few retail therapy sessions or aggressive dandelion pulling, doesn’t bring contentment and value to who you are.

In the ways of our society, we have a twisted view on what is going to make us content. We tend to think being wealthy, independent, happy, proud, successful is what will fill our lives with  contentment. But does it really? Once you have enough, do you ever notice you want more? Constantly chasing after the next new thing, the bigger car, the bigger house, the new paint colour for your walls, the new gadget, the new trend…..oh and the list goes on. Did you ever notice the more money you make it seems the less money you have??? We rack up credit cards, drain bank accounts, live check to check at times to pay for things that will eventually fade away. We think they will add value to our lives and if we could just have that one thing we will be happy. No more after that next purchase right? Is it ever the case? Does it ever stop? Ummmmm no it doesn’t! It doesn’t stop because that is how we are wired….to constantly want more. Trying to make our life complete by filling it with these material things never works. Something will always feel missing, leaving the void unsatisfied…..well it is satisfied for a little while until the novelty wears off.

I can promise you this….. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A HEARSE WITH A TRAILER HITCH……and I work in the funeral industry…..born into it actually…..and not once have I seen a trailer attached to the back of the hearse on the way to the cemetery. I also have never heard one eulogy about how much stuff or how much money, or how many outfits someone had. I’m serious….think about it! So why do we spend our time on earth trying to have everything……things that will wear away, break, tear, diminishing over time while we are here? I have seen some people just out right compete with each other just to have the nicer car. You know the saying “Keeping up with the Jones”???? Is that really where you want to put your value? In a piece of plastic on wheels? Society has forced us to think that how much we have or the appearance of our homes, clothes, and lawns defines who we are. Creating a constant battle to keep up, catch up, and step up. It then unfolds this emotional battle within our selves to always want, want ,want things of this realm! Social status is a real thing in our world…..and it creates such chaos in our lives.

Now I’m not saying we can’t spend our money how we see fit or give your walls a fresh coat of paint….its your money and your home….do with it what you will. And of course we enjoy and deserve to buy things for our selves every now and then. What I am saying is do not think just because you have those things are you valued by another, nor should you try to find the value in yourself or others in those things. Society is extremely twisted right now and being accepted by it doesn’t make your life valued by it. We need to stop putting our worth in the ways of the world……because it isn’t doing anyone any good.

Matthew 6:19-21 ~ “Do not store up for yourself treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

So how do we find our value? Let me ask you a few questions…. Do you believed that God is leading you? If you do, you need to lean on him more and fully dive into knowing Him through His word. Activate your faith in letting go of yourself and submit yourself to Him. You want to find some amazing treasures Target doesn’t have… up His magazine!! I am telling you this, fixing your eyes on the treasures in Heaven will bring so much more worth to your existence. And if you don’t believe He is….have you ever wondered what it would be like if you believed He was? How would that impact your life?? Would it change how you think or how you handle things? To know that someone else is taking care of things for you? That you could submit all your cares and troubles at His feet and let Him give you the wisdom to navigate them? How would your life change to know that someone else was in control…like literally in control of everything…..not just the anxieties of life but also the successes in your life. You see God doesn’t do the bad things to us……the human choice does the bad things to us…..but without our seeking God’s help in them we navigate through on our own understanding and see a spiralling effect of the hurt done to us over and over. We then chase after things that have absolutely no value to who we are. Basing our life on our own understanding is one of the major reasons the world is the way it is today.

Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and DO NOT lean on your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

We are told not to lean on our “own understanding” meaning to not base conclusions primarily on our own perceptions. Because our own understanding will not bear the full weight of this reality and it was never intended to. We are to turn to Him and His word to find understanding…..again NOT in the ways of the world. And we are to glorify Him in all our ways.

Letting go and letting God take over will demand two things from you:
1. Letting go of ourselves and our own will…… and
2. Taking on His life and His will.

The letting go of ourselves is letting go of trying to do it all ourselves and letting God do and speak through us. It means laying our life down, dying to ourselves so that He can live His life through us…..His will NOT YOUR will. It is realizing that it really isn’t about us and our pleasures here on earth……it is all about Him!!! When we delight ourselves in Him….He gives us the desires of our heart that we were meant to have and the ones He will fulfill ….the ones that will bring true abundant joy to our lives in a valuable way.

When this spiritual shift happens we then begin to see our identity in Him, not in the ways of the world. We no longer demand blessings onto us but instead have the desire to be the blessing to others. We begin to recognize that even through our failures and what we do and do not have, He is there for us no matter what forgiving and redeeming us.

It is then we can extend that same grace to others because we begin to view them in a different light and not hold them to the impossible level of perfection the world expects. When we are not motivated to love, serve and give… is a prime indication there is something wrong with our heart. We need to seek to be healed internally by asking God to change our heart of stone into a heart of flesh so that we can allow His love to flow through us. Once we surrender our lives to Him, we gain the ability to do the impossible and to make God known through us. This is what gives us the necessary impact in peoples lives they are searching for.

When we walk by faith we give God the opportunity to show off through us. We are not to live by the “Status Quo”. Our purpose for living is to glorify Him and be in relationship with Him……living as though life is all about Him and not about ourselves. Our purpose is to know Him and make Him known.

Isaiah 43:7 ~ He created us and everything for His glory.

Do you know what glory means here??? It means to display a characteristic to know God and make Him known. To see God as He truly is and reflect that to the world around us. So no matter what we do, we are to do for the glory of God and for the purpose of showing others what God is like. So often we live like it is all about us, what we want, what is the easiest way and we battle with these idols of comfort like the next new gadget or the new trend. Chasing after the things of this world is tiring and the constant battle to make ends meet can suck the life right out of us.

Missing out on what God desires for us and to seek His will in our lives is the greatest oversight and grievance on this side of eternity. As you walk your journey here in this realm, how you spend your time, energy and resources will unwrap a different path for you. If you are concerned more with your own resources and pleasures rather then glorifying God….then He isn’t going to show up!!!  The people that God uses greatly and moves mountains for, are the ones that are most fulfilled and know with out a doubt who He is. They lean on Him and have undeniable faith in Him. They study His word and seek who He is continually building a passionate and intimate relationship with Him. We need to express Gods value in us by being satisfied with all that He has given us through our actions, our choices, our desires, how we speak, and our relationships. Everything about us will be shaped in how we view God. We need to be in His word and learn who He is, so we can live as a refection of who He is. That is where we find our true value!!

When you even just get a glimpse of who He is, the thought of experiencing all eternity with Him is overwhelming. It is an incredible feeling to have knowing the Creator of the Universe and to realize we haven’t even seen the best of Him yet. God is with out end or limit. His characteristics are endless and we will never come to the end of knowing what there is to know about Him. Each one of His qualities are limitless and unmeasurable. There is ALWAYS more of Him, ALWAYS more from Him to give you, ALWAYS more of you when you have him within you and ALWAYS more joy in His will for you!!!

Your value will never be found in the things and ways of this world. No matter how hard you try and how much material items you buy … will ALWAYS long for more until you realize where your purposed value really is. It isn’t about you… is about Him!!! Always will be and no matter what you try to do against it… will never change who and what He is or your purpose in being here!!!

God IS working on the people around us so don’t give into the deceptive lie that people don’t want to know more about Him. I recently read in an article that there is 174,000 people everyday, worldwide coming to Christ. (reference The faith Equation by Dr. Marvin Bittinger). People are searching, people are wanting a better way to life, people want to know what their purpose is and who God is. They are coming to the realization that their value isn’t in the “Status Quo” or of this realm. God does the impossible through people who cling to what is true about Him.  The ones who surrender their lives for His sake, are the one’s who will live their purpose and find their value! The only one who can truly satisfy the human heart……is the ONE who made it!!

Check your heart today and see if it needs some fine tuning, because the treasures that last, are not what we accumulate on this earth but what we value in our hearts. The heart is the centre of your existence. The condition of it and what you hold within it, is critical in your walk through this life into eternity.

Proverbs 4:23 ~ Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.


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