Hey Ya’ll!! My name is Meredith. I am a mother of two busy, beautiful, wonderful, chaotic, fully loved children! I am a wife to a wonderful man that I have been with for longer then we have been without each other! I love the Lord, messy buns, hot drinks and pyjamas…..oh and I can’t forget laughter! I love to laugh…..ALOT!!! And I also really love making others laugh!!!

I don’t believe in luck or coincidences, I believe in blessings and divine interventions. I believe everyone has a purpose and that they were designed uniquely for that purpose! I am FAAARRRR from perfect but in those imperfections I am always looking for the blessings within them!

I have endured pain, lots of chaos, many tears, judgment and deep hurt…..hey cause I’m human right???? But most of all I have endured lots of joy, many many blessings, and know that no matter what my circumstances are…..I am LOVED! Loved by the King….no matter what anyone else thinks of me…..I am delightfully chaotic, fearfully and wonderfully made, much less then perfect ME……created for something awesome…..and I whole heartedly believe YOU are as well!!!!

I believe more then anything in recognizing a life full of complete blessings. How we view our lives is how we live them! The moment we step back from the demanding ways of the world and put the microscopic lens of blessings on…..we see a wonderful journey of our own lives…..even through the pain we have endured! I want more then anything for people to realize how LOVED they are by the Father, how blessed they are by Him, and how freeing your life can be with Him!

Join me on a journey of living a life that is chaotically blessed and full of purpose even in the midst of chaos.

Hope you enjoy your day of many Blessings,